DIY Snuffle Mat

Something I love to do is make toys for Luna. Fleece is inexpensive and I’ve used it to make tugs, beds, and now an enrichment toy.

I saw this this DIY tutorial linked on Facebook, had some fleece on hand and thought I would give it a go.  The idea is that you sprinkle your dogs food onto it and they have to forage among the fleece to get it.

I used:
Strips of fleece 4-5cm wide and approx 20cm long
A rubber door mat from Bunnings (under $10)

The beauty with making things with fleece strips is if you cut a bit too wide, or too narrow, or a bit jagged… You’re barely going to know!

Mat + strips
First strip knotted
Row 1
Just over halfway!
Bottom side
Bottom side again

21 thoughts on “DIY Snuffle Mat”

    1. I didn’t find mine had a strong smell – I imagine giving it some time outside in the fresh air would help though! Luna started using hers immediately, so I don’t think any smells bothered her either.


  1. Hi Cheece, thanks so much for sharing your DIY Snuffle Mat! We will be promoting it on our latest blog post 5 Diy Snuffle Mats for Dogs 😉 Thank you so much for the inspiration and we hope you keep publishing more!


    Nate –


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